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ADL slams UN condemnation of Israel Gaza op as 'sheer hypocrisy'
By Haaretz Sevice
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The Anti-Defamation League on Sunday issued a statement protesting
The United Nations Security Council's call earlier in the day for an immediate end to all violence in Gaza, after and Israeli campaign left nearly 300 Palestinians dead in the Strip.

"The Security Council statement is 'sheer hypocrisy' for suggesting an 'equivalency' between Hamas' terrorism and Israel's attempts to eliminate that terrorism. It demonstrates that there is no real understanding of the circumstances that led to the action taken by Israel against Hamas in Gaza," the ADL statement read.

"By calling on the parties to immediately stop all military activities, the Security Council disregards the terrorist acts of Hamas against Israel and Hamas' responsibility for the condition of Palestinians in Gaza. Hamas is not engaged in military activities but in outright and self-proclaimed terrorism. The UN body also ignores Israel's fundamental right and responsibility to protect its people," the statement continued.

"The Security Council statement is all the more disturbing in light of the outrageous and all too familiar reflexive anti-Israel response from the UN human rights apparatus and the current president of the General Assembly. These totally inappropriate reactions included strong condemnations of Israel and time-worn accusations of disproportionality, war crimes and crimes against humanity coming from the High Commissioner for Human Rights, the Special Rapporteur for human rights in the territories and the General Assembly President while failing to mention Hamas terrorism and its responsibility for putting the people of Gaza directly in harm's way," the statement went on to say.

The UN Security Council statement, agreed upon after four hours of closed-door council discussions, called on all parties to address "the serious humanitarian and economic needs in Gaza."

It urged them to take necessary measures, including the opening of border crossings, to ensure Gaza's people were supplied with food, fuel and medical treatment. Israel has been restricting the amount of supplies that have been allowed in.

Council members "stressed the need for the restoration of calm in full" - a reference to a six-month cease-fire ended by Hamas a week ago - to open the way for a Palestinian-Israeli political solution.
Diplomats from several countries said they had preferred a cautiously worded statement on which all 15 council members could agree to a public debate where they would have clashed angrily over who was to blame for the Gaza violence.


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