Sunday, December 28, 2008

Western Wall: Hundreds pray for soldiers' wellbeing

Chief Rabbi Shlomo Amar leads prayer for soldiers, southern inhabitants' safety, says every Jew in Israel and abroad obligated to join prayer

Published: 12.29.08, 08:56 / Israel Jewish Scene

Several hundred people arrived at the Western Wall on Sunday to attend a lighting of the eighth Hanukkah candle and say a prayer for the wellbeing of IDF soldiers and the residents of Israel's southern communities.

Israel launched a military operation in Gaza Saturday in response to the ongoing rocket attacks from the Strip.

Praying at the Western Wall (Archive photo: AP)

Chief Sephardi Rabbi Shlomo Amar and Jerusalem District Police chief Maj.-Gen. Ilan Franco were also present at the event.


"On these days every Jew in Israel and across the world is obligated to say a prayer for the soldiers and residents who are facing such difficult times," Rabbi Amar told Ynet.

Worshippers at the Wall said they also prayed for a successful outcome to the military operation in Gaza. "May the soldiers have a Hanukkah miracle," one participant stated.


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