Wednesday, July 05, 2006


UK Muslims present: Jews against Zionism

Conference named 'Against Zionism: Jewish Perspectives' was organized by Islamic Human Rights Commission. Speakers were secular, religious Jews Ynetnews

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A conference that brought together leading anti-Zionist Jews and Muslims took place in London on Sunday. The conference, named 'Against Zionism: Jewish Perspectives' was organized by the Islamic Human Rights Commission .
The conference's main goal was to openly debate the issue of Zionism by speakers who all come from Jewish backgrounds.

'Zionists use anti-Semitism card' / EJP
Britain’s largest Muslim TV channel, Islam channel, hosts debate titled ‘Zionism: The cancer at the heart of international affairs,’ hosted by former BBC correspondent Alan Hart
Full Story
According to IHRC Chair ,Massoud Shadjareh, “This is an unprecedented gathering of prominent academics, Rabbis and activists, whose unequivocal opposition to Zionism elucidates the basic problem to long-term peace in the Middle East: The operation of Zionism as a state.
“We hope that this meeting will draw attention to the manifold arguments against Zionism and inspire amongst activists, academics and policymakers a more profound understanding of oppression of the Palestinians and the way forward.”
The British Socialist Worker reported that both religious and secular Jews spoke at the conference. There was round condemnation of "Israel’s reoccupation of Gaza."
Dr Uri Davis, an Israeli academic, called the last IDF activity a “horrific crime”. Davis also argued that Gaza was now the “largest concentration camp in the world”.

Professor Yakov Rabkin, author of 'A Threat from within' which charts the history of Jewish opposition to Zionism, told Socialist Worker that he was “saddened but not surprised” at the Israeli action in Gaza.

Supported by Friends of al-Aqsa

Other speakers were Jeffrey Blankfort, Rabbi Ahron Cohen, Stanley Cohen f, Les Levidow, John Rose, Roland Rance, Michael Warschawski and Rabbi Yisroel Dovid Weiss.
The conference was supported by a number of organizations, including: Crescent International, Friends of al-Aqsa, Innovative Minds, Institute of Contemporary Islamic Thought, Islam Channel, Justice for Palestine Committee, Muslim Association of Britain, Muslim Directory, Muslim Weekly, Neturei Karta, Scottish Palestine Solidarity Campaign and The 1990 Trust.


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